Here's the final version of my latest project "Sokoban Touch & GO!"

Yes, i know... ...another sokoban game. But give it a try.

I'm a big fan of sokoban - but i hate this endless "keyboard hacking" in other games.

With the new stylus control you can play sokoban comfortable like never before!

This game recycles a lot of old stuff from some of my former projects. (Pathfinding is from old PuzzleBoy BETA, 3d classes from Bluebear, ect...)

Have fun!

Attention! "The games uses NitroFS so you need a compatible flashcard or hbmenu."

23.07.2010: FIX: Game shows a message when NitroFS init fails. Thanks to vuurrobin and s_hansse.

06.08.2010: Added some new things! A toolbar and the upper display shows a (nice?) status screen. I've also fixed some small glitches...

14.10.2010: Release of the final version.
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