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Thread: Updated from DIsc now getting disc error

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    Updated from DIsc now getting disc error

    I have a hardmod Wii and I added the softmod on it several months ago. All was well and then updated the system using a newer game. Now I am getting errors when trying to play most games. Comes up with Disc Error. The soft mod was 4.1 and now the system is updated to 4.2. What do I need to do so that I can get back to playing the games? Also why would my hardmod not allow me to play the games, as I am no longer going through the homebrew?


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    you should never accept any nintendo update from disc or online.
    every update had measures against modding in it, hard and soft. you could try if an update of the chips firmware enables playing through disc channel again. your softmod is most likely gone and you have to run through a softmodding guide again to launch games through loaders from your hbc again (softmod any wii guide, link below). and Install Priiloader to block/skip further updates, there is no need to be on a specific firmware version to run any game. if you enable the blocking the updates won't even show up in the discchannel.

    good luck
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