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Thread: Please help! I have put absolutely no effort into a thread title

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    Please help! MoHH2 problem


    This whole week I am trying to get homebrew and stuff.
    I have finished everything and now I want to play Medal of Honor Heroes 2 with neogamma.
    At NeoGamma I clicked Launch Game on DVD and after that I quikly see a green screen and then the game starts. My remote is going out and 1 second later its going on again. I see the screen with information about the wii controller and wii zapper. After that the real game should start but there is a black screen and nothing happends I have to press 5 seconds at the on/off button to put out my wii.

    If I try to start the game from the main menu it isn't working either. But now my wii remote is disconnecting and can't connect again. It also freezes at the first wii remote information screen.

    It just doesn't work? Can someone help me? I am trying to do this shit for the whole week xD
    I also checked the IOS from my ISO and changed it to 247 with IOS Patcher. And then I burned it back to the disc again. But it still doesn't work!

    I have followed a tutorial for my 4.2E wii system, and I did everything right.

    Is there someone who can help me with this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Try using uLoader 5.1E.

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    I think I just start all over again, because it just wont work.
    MoH H2 is freezing the whole time.

    I will delete the homebrew channel and follow a other tutorial.

    Thanks anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timo. View Post

    I will delete the homebrew channel and follow a other tutorial.
    thats the answer to everything

    trying a different loader is much easier, also it could be a bad burn or just the .iso you are using.
    if you do something, run through the softmod any wii guide, jump in at chapter 2 as you, maybe, still have the hbc on board

    good luck

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