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Thread: wiiflow, explain please

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    wiiflow, explain please

    i know a lot of people use wiiflow, and im thinking of using it now too (also still using usbload gx just in case)

    but is wiiflow working with all games so far? and do i need any CIOS or IOS or any hermes cIOS stuff to work with it? if so then what do i need and how do i make everything work in wii flow, and whats the best place to get themes for wiiflow?

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    Please do not make multiple posts/threads on the same subject as it is against the rules. Search for the Wiiflow installation and settings guide by Ithian. It has all the info you need so no need to create another thread.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Ithian, ok thanks.
    oh sorry, i thought since replying in my NTFS problem sbout wiiflow was not related so i deleted my reply and thought it be ok to post a new thread about it.


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