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Thread: Metroid other M problem

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    Metroid other M problem

    For the most part I understand how the Hack works and how to make things happen. I have recently had something happen I have never seen before and need some help.

    I recently downloaded Metroid Other M. I installed it to my hard drive and started playing. No problems which is awesome.

    I am still in the first section. Gone up the elevator and met up with the rest of the team and the computer. One of the says the computer has crashed. Then my Nintendo screen goes to a black screen that says eject game, power off, and check owners manual.

    From what I read this has to do with the laser eye reading disks but i am playing off a hard drive through softmod.

    Other games work fine just Metroid other M is having the problem.

    any suggestions?

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    Rip it with your original disk. We do not support piracy, read the rules.

    We also have a thread for this game in the Wii Games section, read it and try it.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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