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Thread: Wiiflow problems!!!

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    Wiiflow problems!!!

    I have been trying to get this for days. I can get wiiflow working through hbc with 222 and 249 but have tried several different channels and all give me a black screen. got the boot.dol in sd/apps/wiiflow and have tried sd:wiiflow/boot.dol anyhelp would be awesome.

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    If you are saying the loaders give you a black screen. First try Cfg (link in my signature). If that doesnt work..
    [SPOILER="Do This"]
    Backup and Format your SD card

    Download MMM_Pack.rar
    Extract directly to SD:\ (SD Root)

    **Remove your USB HDD and all GameCube memory cards and controllers**

    Load Multi-Mod Manager from HBC - Select Wad Manager
    -- Press A

    Press 1 to install all wads - Press A

    Verify an error free Install of All 4 wads - Press Home to Exit.

    (MMM is set to load IOS249, if you don't have it then choose "Load another IOS" and select IOS36).
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    I did as you said even though all my ios were up to date. I downloaded a multipack of all ios update last night from demonoid. Im assuming after that is done you would want me to format card again and place wiiflow boot.dol in the correct paths
    * SD:\apps\wiiflow\boot.dol
    * SD:\wiiflow\boot.dol
    * USB:\apps\wiiflow\boot.dol
    * USB:\wiiflow\boot.dol

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    I did not tell you to do that. I didn't say anything about installing IOS. After installing the 4 wads from the pack I linked above, yes then you would try wiiflow again (never install random IOS from a place like that).
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    still black screen when loading from channel it works fine from hbc does it matter if I have boot.dol in all the above folders?

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    It only needs to be in one (within the wiiflow folder inside the apps folder). I don't see how you could have already done what I told you as I just posted it....but anyway. If this is a forwarder channel that is not loading and it works fine from HBC then it is not a problem with your cIOS. Please confirm if this is a forwarder channel you are using?
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    i have tried several, channels and forwarders Wiiflow StarNight Channel Forwarder-WSNF.wad, Wiiflow StarNight Channel IOS249-WSNW.wad, WiiFlow Spayrosam Channel Forwarder-WFSF.wad,WiiFlow Spayrosam Channel IOS249-WFSW.wad ,WiiFlow Carbonik Channel Forwarder-WFBJ.wad,WiiFlow Carbonik Channel IOS249-WFBW.wad, WiiFlow Static Channel Forwarder-WFHL.wad, WiiFlow Static Channel IOS249-WFHW.wad, all placing the boot.dol in SD:/apps/wiiflow/boot.dol

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    Ithian has a guide on this on the site. I would give that a shot as far as getting it going. Shouldn't be giving you that much of a headache

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    I think i was getting cIOS confused with IOS honestly dont know the difference. I thought I was updating IOS through the wad's you pointed me to and just realized it was cIOS. I was pretty comfortable doing the update through demonoid, it came from sources I have been using for all kinds of stuff for years. anywho, I guess i will try boot.dol in apps/wiiflow only and erase wiiflow/boot.dol

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    When you download the Wiiflow full pack you'll get Wiiflow 222 and 249. Rename the one you are going to use to Wiiflow and put it in the apps folder. Now, try lauchinng wiiflow through the forwarder it should work.

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