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Thread: Any way to stop spindown on WD Elements 320? It's crashing FCE Ultra GX.

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    Any way to stop spindown on WD Elements 320? It's crashing FCE Ultra GX.

    I've never had any problems with wii games, but I have this happen all the time with emulators. Recently, I've been playing Final fantasy. When I go to save for the first time in about 10 minutes (haven't timed it), the save screen is empty. Then I see the HDD lights start to flash, and the save states show up and I'm fine. Or they don't, and I get a DSI error code dump. It's about 50-50 whether FCE Ultra can handle the delay or not. I've had even worse errors with other emulators (although they occur much less often). Snes9x once deleted my apps and filled the folder with gibberish. Genesis Plus crashed so hard the other day that it corrupted my entire filesystem. I couldn't even fix it in linux with fsck. Luckily I had it all backed up, but alas my saves weren't very current.

    After checking WD's site, all they seem to offer is a tool to manually stop or spindown the drive from windows. I've heard you can set the power options with smartware, but it doesn't appear my drive is smartware compatible (I purposely bought a drive that DIDN'T come with the infamous irremovable software for obvious reasons. Now I'm kicking myself.)

    Anyone have any ideas or workarounds for this (besides saving every 2 minutes)? I tried auto save to keep the drive spinning, but apparently all it does is ask to save every time you hit home (lame).

    (I DID search the forums, but nothing came up. I think it may be a problem with the search though, since "emulator" & "spindown" seem like common enough keywords)

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    You should have received software with your USB HDD that gives you the option of turning off the spindown function. When I purchased my USB HDD, I copied the preinstalled software to my computer, then deleted it from my USB HDD. You should beable to download the correct software from the manufactures website. Spindown is an issue with playing games from USB HDD, it's not limited to emulators, you will run into this problem with some Wii games too.

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