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Thread: Need help with MIOSpatchingWADinstaller

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    Need help with MIOSpatchingWADinstaller

    OK, I have a 4.2U SoftModded Wii that has the D3-2 drive board.
    I found a Homebrew app called ar114loader. In order for this to work, I have to run MIOSPatchingWADInstaller. But when I try to run either app, it wont work. for the MIOS program, it says, "This is not a Wii application". When I try to load AR114, it says it can not load FAT (SDCard) and it reloads the HBC. What do I need to put on my Wii to make both run (WAD, IOSicon.pngicon.png
    I didn't do it!!!! I swear!!!!!
    But if I did, I was justified!!!!

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    An Action Replay application? You do realize if this is for the purposes of cheating, it's not supported by Wiihacks --- right? What are you trying to actually do?

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    Oh. Did not know that. Sorry. Was wondering about using that for Codes only. Am trying to get the MIOS app running. Just dont know how to get that one going to load GC Homebrew.
    I didn't do it!!!! I swear!!!!!
    But if I did, I was justified!!!!


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