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Thread: call of duty

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    call of duty

    is a back up like call of duty that does a lot of scanning and loading gonna destory my laser or not really?

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    I was wondering the same thing I made backups on 3 different discs (destroyed all but 1) and they all seemed to load and scan ALOT more then any other game i have esp online play mine also freezes while i play online

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    My C O D worked fine on wii at my house but my house burnt down yesterday, now i am trying to play it on my mothers wii all i get is a black and white load screen(where they tell you to put on the remote strap) an game gives me a disk error turn off wii.

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    i would assume, that wii doesnt like the disc, wiis are odd like that each drive requires different things

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    yaaah i think that too
    my wii accept some game and refues anthor

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    COD is hard on my drive

    Hey guys, can someone further clarify the issue with CODMW? My drive runs smooth with all my other backups but this game scans and loads very freequently and it makes a lot of noise. Works fine but I don't want extra wear on my system. Is there any danger with a game like this?


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    The reason that CoD5 loads and glitchs, makes lots of noice, and any other problems is because the Wii are old and CoD5 has lots of content and it comes really fast at it so it need to take a quick break and load all the stuff up. I have the same problem but i deal with it.

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    interesting just back this up in morning

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    there's nothing wrong with mine. the only thing makes me mad about it is that i loose my connection a lot and i have all the the bars


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