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Thread: Update Twilight Hack

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    Question Update Twilight Hack

    Dear WiiHacks,

    I tried to figure out where to find my answer, so I searched the forums and found some really nice tutorials but I'm afraid I don't have the correct answers yet so I hope it's alright if I ask it here.

    I hacked my wii a while ago using the twilight hack. I think it was 8 months ago or something.
    All my backups worked fine but when I backed up my games of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and New Super Mario Bros. I got a blue screen and needed to reboot the wii.

    I'm thinking I need to update my firmware?
    I already have the homebrew channel and a backup launcher.

    I tried reading the twilight hack part this tutorial:

    Am I on the right track?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can point me in the right direction!

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    Hey, maybe not..
    you already have a working homebrewchannel. blue screen with error #002 ?
    you just need a different loader, a recent one will have a #002 fix built in. are you loading from harddrive or from discs?
    an update to your firmware is completly unneccesary, it will improve nothing or will complicate the things even more. which firmware are you on right now? (systemmenusettings top right corner)
    the guide you found is no bad idea to go for, as it has so much included, like up to date softmod, and good loader programs you can use. stick to the route suiting your systemmenu version (also you could jump in in chapter 2 as the hbc is present, or you want to upgrade your hbc then run the hackmii installer through the present hbc). and end up prefferably on vers. 4.1 or just stay at your old firmware doesn't really matter (4.2 and 4.3 has absolutely no advantage) guide will also get you priiloader on your console this will even prevent disc and online updates.

    maybe you post a short hello in the introduction section there you will also get a good set of useful links.

    good luck for now

    edit: also both games can be found here.
    Problematic Games & solution
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    Fastest. Reply. Evar.

    Thanks for your info. It's indeed a 002 error, I'm going to where my wii is now, I'm going to try the tutorial.

    Thanks again!


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