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    So my hard drive recently died on me. It was a 250g western digital my passport essential. The drive has served me well for years before i got a Wii as my extra computer drive. But, it started clicking and stopped spinning up. I'm using my lady's 350g seagate for the moment till i can get a new one, but everything i read gets terrible reviews.

    I've been looking at the western digital my book essential, and the seagate go drives, they both get horrible reviews. Although that could just be only the angry customers reviewing. If a hard drive works well you tend to forget it's there.

    I'm also wanting to get a 1TB as they are getting inexpensive as of late.

    Can anyone give me some input on your favorite drive, how long its lasted and how crash prone it is? i like western digital, but apparently their new 'green' drives aren't up to snuff. i've always been weary of seagate (especially since i'm having to return a hard drive that's not even a month old). I'm also open to different brands, i only have experience with WD and SG though.

    I'm open to anything that it quality made.

    Thanks in advance for the input!

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    I checked the gbatemp usb device compatibility list before my purchase. I decided on a 320 gb transcend after seeing 7 confirmed on it. The reviewers said there were no spindown issues with it. I've had it for about a week now and have ripped many games, and tested all of them and they run fine. No spindown issues or anything. It is also usb powered, with a Y-adapter so you can plug it into 2 usb ports for better power. Some people say you don't need the extra power but it corrupted a folder when I only had one plugged into it, so I would recommend plugging in both. Another great thing about this drive is that it is military standard protection. AKA drop it on a hard surface and it won't hurt it. After not being about to get my WD 500gb to work, I am glad I purchased this drive.

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    I have a 1TB Western Digital My Book Essential. I've had it for roughly about a year and paid about $100 for it. It works perfectly. I've never had it crash on me or anything like that. It powers up and powers down with the wii like it should. I've never any problems with it period. I did use the included software to turn off the power saving features before I connected it to the wii and put any games on it to avoid it spinning down on me...just in case.
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    thanks for the replies, i never noticed the 'confirmed' section of the compatibility list. i'm definitely going to check that out again.

    EDIT: just checked it out and apparently the my book essential 1tb had 39 confirms... not bad.
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