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Thread: Well I'm planning on buying a Wii...

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    Question Well I'm planning on buying a Wii...

    When I go buy it, will the Wii be at the latest firmware?

    And if It is, Will I be able to use the twilight hack?

    I've heard that you can't install anything unless you already had the Hack installed, if thats the case then how do I install the wad manager without the hack and get it to recover the Wii back to 3.2 with the recovery files in that other thread?

    Thanks in advanced!

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    odds are Yes since 3.3 is OLD

    Yes you just get a updated one, there are many even here look in news

    you can install the most recent one, there is a way to get Wads installed without, look around for a tut its not hard to find 1 is here

    there are many downgraders look around theres 1 posted here xD

    sorry about 1 links, i dont really do what you are asking so i dont really have them off hand =\

    but if firmware is a issue just buy a used, or a older one


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