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Thread: Error - 204036 on GH5/Band Hero Music Store

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    Error - 204036 on GH5/Band Hero Music Store

    Before I get into the error, sorry if it's been asked before. Now, I do want to mention that I have a 4.2u soft modded wii. The system is updates to Shop v20 via Dop-shop and is using IOS56-64-v5662.

    Also, my Wii Shop is running perfectly and i can download from it with no problems. Also the music stores in the games Rock Band 2 and Beatles Rock Band work with no problem and I can get new DLC form those game (those all have the purchase mod, just like my GH5 & Band Hero has).

    Also, I can download songs from GHTunes with no problem as well.

    I can also do DLC up dates from wiiware games that have them with no problem.

    Now, when I try to enter in the Music Store on either GH5/Band Hero, I it loads the shop, looks for new songs, goes to update the shop and then I get the 204036 error and to contact nintendo about it.

    Anyone know how I can solve this issue so I can use the shop and download some more music from the GH5/Band Hero Music Store?


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    Im no expert but i had the same problem with guitar hero and dlc and finally cracked it last week.I managed to get all the dlc in gh5 to show as marked and just re download again.They work a treat.I then updated my shop channel and all went well untill went baqck onto to guitar hero and tried the shop and got the very same error.

    So i came out of it and reverted back to 19 tried it again and found all the songs back again.

    so i reckon change shop back to 19 and take it from there if like me dont need the new shop and just make sure preloader got updates turned off

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    Give it a try a little later. I just googled and read (and don't know how true it is) that it's do to Nintendo's server being busy.

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    just tried repatching ios37 (which musicgames use) and now my beatles dlc, my ghwt dlc, & my gh5/band hero dlc gives me that 204036 error.

    Curious if I uninstall the gh5/band hero & beatles & ghwt dlc purchase hacks, if i could download those dlc again?

    I know i'd have to legit pay, but it's worth it to get them to download again.

    I have a 4.2u system with wii shop v20
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    I'm Getting the same error here. I'm updated to 4.3U today. Running GH 5 from disc. I had hoped that updating it would have helped because I was getting messages from the shop channel to update.
    I don't know what to do and I cannot seem to find any helpful information anywhere on the nets.
    Thank You for your consideration!
    Just trying to add some DLC
    Running the game with softchip99 using iso56 as it's the only one I can get to run the game.
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    anyone found any info on this. It worked perfectly fine until the wii shop updated to v20. I tried with my normal 4.2u v19 hat used to work and it doesn't and with the new v20 shop. Either way it won't load.

    If I remove the hack, all the songs will download but non of my hack dlc will show to play. If I put the hack on I get the error code but my previously hack dlc downloads will show to play


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