Developer- Marach
File Size- 0.31

Save Scummer PSP is a PSP port of an unusual roguelike Save Scummer by Jeff Lait.

*Note*- This provides a windows and linux executable versions along with the source for those brave enough to try and build it from scratch. It also provides a linux and windows curses version for those allergic to graphics.

The only action you can perform in the game is moving through the time forwards and backwards; the character moves, attacks and collects weapons and potions automatically. Remember that after rewinding, then progressing the time you may not end up in the same state! Watch the monsters miss every strike or cycle until the monsters are in perfect position to cast a thunderstorm on them.


* Intelligent "Do What I Mean" commands that reduce all possible actions to a single keystroke.
* Infinite undo to correct mistakes in pressing said single keystroke.
* Fight the fifty-two monsters from Letter Hunt and one new bonus monster.
* 1980 different weapons and 216 different spells!
* Play one of 8 races or 9 classes!

Known Bugs

*The game sometimes freezes when rerolling the avatar.

Source- Save Scummer Homepage

This game looks great I'd test this if only I had a PSP.