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Thread: Some initial questions on emulator use

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    Some initial questions on emulator use

    Hello, first time wii modder, long time modder overall. So I have my Wii soft modded and I have emulators for the following systems so far:

    - NES
    - SNES
    - Genesis
    - N64
    - I imagine I will get an Arcade emulator soon, any suggestions?

    I have them up and running fine, but my question is, is it possible to create a new Channel for each separate emulator so I can launch directly from the home screen w/o having to go into the homebrew channel? I looked on the first 3 pages of the forum and couldn't find an answer so if someone could help me I'd appreciate it.

    2 more things. 1) Is it possible to create cover art flow for your games in each emulator and 2) Is the Classic Controller Pro a good buy for all around emulator use? Thanks for any help.

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    Well for the channels some emulators have channel installers on the homebrew browser app, for the others search the internet for forwarders.
    1) I don't think it is possible but I may be wrong
    2) I personally use a gamecube controller, so I'm not sure if they're supported by emulators but if they are then I'd get one.
    Oh and did you drop a post in the introductions section? You can get some useful information and links from there.
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