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Thread: Replacing Wii drives

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    Replacing Wii drives

    I have a PAL Wii with a D2B drive. I need to replace this drive and I am gonna get one with a pre installed modchip. Do I need to get a D2b drive or can I use any model. i.e dms, D2A, D2C,etc.

    cheers in advance

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    Any is fine.

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    thanks johnz,

    just another question the drive I am looking at comes with a wiikey version 1. Whta is the difference between this and wiikey2 will it cause any problems with game uodates and if so can i get round this with wii brick blocker

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    Updates can be handled by wbb, yes. Wiikey2 can handle newer drives and has some additional features.

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    newer is better in mod chips, if a team updates or makes a new one the old is often forgotten


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