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Thread: Wii not reading discs

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    Wii not reading discs

    Had my Wii softmodded ages ago with wii gater but noticed that i couldnt play some new games i had bought due to a system update being needed, other half decided , when i was out, to do the update and now it wont read any discs regardless of being original or copies. It now has v4.3e software and i need to know to get it reading discs again and possibly even restoring it to original condition (ie: mod free).

    I am a total novice at this and havent a clue about the stuff i read on forums regarding it so basic terms please.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Make a quick hello post in Introductions. You'll get a personal greeting from a wiihacks staff member along with links to our more popular guides. The update wiped out your softmod, and who knows what. Pity you didn't have Priiloader installed. You'd have to resoftmod to get things back in working order. If you had cIOSFail, that may also account for some of the behavior you mention.


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