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Thread: Can I partition my Sansa to use as a storage device (instead of using an ipod?)

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    Can I partition my Sansa to use as a storage device (instead of using an ipod?)

    Now I do not have a larger hdd and would like to use my sansa as a storage device, only a 2gb sd card, neither an Ipod. now from this video, YouTube - [HOW-TO] Play Wii ISO's WITHOUT BURNING DISKS!!! (USB Flash Drive)
    apparently it says i can partition an ipod to use as storage device...

    1. Download (and Install) the WBFS Manager program above.
    2. Plug your iPod into your computer (Make sure your iPod allows disk usage in iTunes) into your computer.
    3. Click the Start Button on your taskbar. Right click on My Computer and press Manage. Click "Continue".
    4. Over on the left click Disk Managment. You will see a number of disks. Look for one with an amount of space that matches your iPod.
    5. Right click to the right of it where the blue bar is and press shrink volume. Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB. 1024 would be one gigabyte, 2048 being 2 and so on. Click "Shrink". You should get either unallocated or raw space.
    6. Right click it and press new simple volume. Give it a drive letter but DO NOT format it. It should now be raw data.
    7. Launch the program you downloaded above. Change the Drive to whatever letter you picked earlier. Press format. Now after it is done you have your WBFS drive.

    I however do not have an Ipod, but do have a sansa view. Is this possible and if so how... Thanks

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    back everything up
    and try it. though i would go for fat32 loading (link below)

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks


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