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Thread: Can you get the homebrew channel without twiglight hack if you have a modchip

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    Can you get the homebrew channel without twiglight hack if you have a modchip

    Hello this is my first post.

    Is it possible to install the homebrew channel without the twighlight hack if you have a modchip installed.

    If not will the hack work with a backup of twighlight zelda.

    and how do you do it.

    Cheers in advance

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    yes you can get the homebrew without zelda if you have a modchip.

    Go here and burn the ISO and just run it on your wii.

    The Homebrew Channel

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    Thumbs up What!!

    i did not know that thanks

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    Wii Firmware also has to be 3.2 or lower.

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    in addition its HBC 8 not 9 you will need to update it if you want the latest one, also when you update most files need to be changed to Dol not ELF

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    Hello, this is also my first post...

    this is a pretty noob question im sure.. i've read around a lot. I'm still confused and this post seems the most relevant.

    I just purchased a wii, i installed the wiikey v2 no problems.. i have an array of backup games which all work... My wii came with firmware 3.3E (i've happily disabled the updates through the wiikey v2 config). I was curious about how to either use the downgrade method, from what i could tell i would need to use the zelda save file to use the wad files to run the downgraders... but falling short of that is there another method for upgrading without the zelda game?

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    not that i know of, so i doubt it


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