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Thread: Changing your theme on Homebrew

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    Changing your theme on Homebrew

    With HB v 1.0.7 up the theme changed and it now also gives you the option to change to a different theme of your liking.

    This is pretty straight forward but I thought id do a quick guide on where to find ready made themes for HB and install them.

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    1. Go to this page at WiiBrew and select which theme is most appealing to you (It should start downloading.)

    2.Go to your d/l folder and unzip your new theme.

    3.There will be a sub folder inside the upzipped folder. Copy and paste this folder into your apps folder on your sd card.

    4.Put sd Card back in wii.

    5.Select the HB Channel.

    6.Now one of the apps that appears will be you desired theme.

    7.Hit load and your new theme will be installed. (Your theme will be permanently stored with the Homebrew Channels “savegame”.)

    If you want you can now delete the theme installer from the apps menu.

    To revert back to the default theme just go into wii data management and delete the HB save file. This will delete the saved option in HB so you will have to alter those again
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