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Thread: Information required regarding cios and other things

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    Unhappy Information required regarding cios and other things

    Well Hi to the wii hacks members.

    My problem is that i don't seem to be able to quite grasp a concept yet of cios and ios.
    For example Ios 249 aint an ios its a modified ios of 36 if i am correct and what does cios installer mean can i use ios 249 or ios36 and what does the base mean.Does it use 249 for the main installation or what.

    It seems impossible to explain what i am trying to say so could someone please guide me to all tutorials regarding ios or better explain all of this in detail in a new one and one last thing can i update my PRELOADER 0.2 TO PRIILOADER 0.4 or do i have to unistall and reinstall

    Help would be appreciated
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    lOOK here. U can just install priiloader

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    Cios is a custom ios that helps us to load games as you correctly guesses. Cios installs as ios 249. Normal ios's come on the wii and can be thought of as drivers on pc's. Games need a certain ios and if that ios (driver) isn't installed, it won't run. As far as the base for the cios, you really don't need to worry about it as the base of ios38 is used for Wanikoko's cios installer and its best to leave it as is.
    Hermes is another cios you might have seen around. I only use hermes (ios 222/223) for music games and cios38rev17 (Wanikoko's ios249) for everything else. Hope this helps you to better understand. Always nice when people actually want to learn.

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    This is also a good read for new members.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by emuhack View Post
    This is also a good read for new members.....

    I first saw this post last week, and I read it all the way through. I know more about the scene then I EVER did before I read it. Example, I had no idea that the "Legendary" Waninkoko was ever a part of TT. ::NBC LOGO:: The More You Know!
    Give credit where credit is due. If it helps you, click "thanks" on ANY guide I link.

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    Just a note...When using a cIOS with a backup loader...the IOS is not used.

    Slot 249 -- You can install anything you want to any slot. This is the chosen slot for wanin's cIOS.
    Base -- The IOS that is used for the base 249 install (common bases are 37, 38, 56, 57).
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