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Thread: wii custom themes

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    wii custom themes

    i want to get a custom theme on my wii, but i heard that it is suicide if i do so without bootmii. well i have bootmii installed as an ios and i made a nand backup of my wii. i feel pretty confident, but i release that whatever happens to my wii is my fault. so my question is this:

    based on the precautions i made, am i "safe" from being bricked?


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    Not at all. Themes are the fastest way to brick a wii and without bootmii as boot2 you are walking on thin ice as I said in your last thread. AVOID THEMES. If you want something that looks cool, load via usb and check out wiiflow. It has many themes which are safe since they are not system menu themes and you can boot right to your loader by using priiloader. Ithian has a guide on this.


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