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    i just installed bootmii as an ios, but i couldnt install it as boot2. regardless of that, does this mean that i have bootmii and its working fine? and also, installing bootmii as boot2 means that bootmii will be the first thing to show up on your wii, right?


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    It's only the first thing if it's installed as boot2. You have bootmii as an ios so that means you can not use it to recover from a full brick. In response to your other thread, a nand back up is a copy of how your wii is now. With bootmii as boot2 it can restore you to the point where you made the nand backup. It's not recommended to restore if you only have it as an ios, but make one none the less.

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    so can i still recover from a full brick with bootmii as an ios?

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    No you can not. If you have priiloader installed to block disc and online updates, and never delete your system menu ios you can avoid full bricks. Pretty much: Don't mess with system menu themes, and never delete any ios under 200 and you will be fine.

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    but if i get priiloader to block disc and online updates, and never delete my system menu ios, then i can get a system menu theme without getting bricked?

    (sorry this question is similar to one just posted, so ill just delete that one)

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    No. I responded to your other theme post as well and gave you a safe alternative. Themes are beyond stupid without bootmii as boot2.

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    well then i guess i shouldnt do it. thank you so much!


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