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Thread: soft mod boot.elf won't be recognized and doesn't load

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    soft mod boot.elf won't be recognized and doesn't load

    hi to all...too bad i came to this forum too late, i have alredy done a couple of things which you don't formatting my wii after a softmod procedure went when i try to put the SD back again it won't recognize it contents, it shows only a "?" and the pop up windows won't come up, so i cannot start to install HomeBrew Channel...
    any guess?

    i have a 3.4E PAL Wii

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    you are actually following a guide from here right now ? maybe you want to make your way through with the softmod any wii guide (link below) as it has several options to load the hackmii installer.

    good luck

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    i'll have a look tnx

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    Is your sd card formatted as FAT32?
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    yes it is...i used sd formatter...


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