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Thread: XBox/360 Homebrew

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    Us XBox/360 Homebrew

    Does anyone know of a site for XBox or XBox 360 Homebrew games/Emulators? Seems like the sites I find are old and not really updated. Looking for the following:
    CPS1/2/ 3???
    Sega Gen/CD

    Also, since will be getting a new system or maybe a used ( probably recent model), is there any SoftModding guide? Saw a thread from 2009 but Microsoft may have found a way around of that.
    Or, if need be, what ModChip would be recommended?
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    I don't own a 360 so I don't keep up with the scene. I can tell you that I've used Sega Genisis and GBA emulators that work great on the wii if you don't find anything else. Maybe someone else around here is multi system handy and can help you out with the rest. Good luck!

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    Go here there are lot of apps, homebrew games, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by richardsito View Post
    Go here there are lot of apps, homebrew games, etc.
    Quickjump site has last post from May '09. Emuwiki has later releases, but there are some that dont have links. Can the 360 run regular XBox Homebrew? If so need to find a site that has links also since Emuwiki has tons of info on Emulators but tons of no-links.

    Took a while but I found a actuall good site for Emulators.
    (XBOX) Emulators for XBOX - SnesOrama Emulation Community
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    I didn't do it!!!! I swear!!!!!
    But if I did, I was justified!!!!

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    the wii is where its at when it comes to brew/emu's on my wii i have gameboy, gameboy color, MD, snes, nes, ms, old ataris and alot more they all run good and they save me alot of space under the telly!now if the wii could only run dreamcast games! (yes i still use my dreamcast most days..... gotta love that crazy taxi!!!!!!!!!!

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    There is no modchip for xbox 360 also to run homebrew you will need to jtag your xbox 360.


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