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Thread: Wired Connection & Update

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    Wired Connection & Update


    I've got a JPN Wii and am trying to setup a wired Internet connection. The steps looks pretty straight forward and it looks like I get connected but near the end of the setup where I assume it's testing the connection, it looks like it asks for the console to be updated.

    Now, I don't know whether this is a general update for the Wii (system update) or something else. If I select 'OK' (or Japanese equivalent on the screen), then it starts the update screen just like you get when it's downloading a new system update. If I select the other option, which I assume is no, I don't want to, then it goes back tot he menu.

    However, if I do select no for the update, then the connection no longer works. When it was testing the connection the link state light on the hub was lit, but after I'd finished it went off. So clearly it's activating the connection and there doesn't appear to be any issue with the hardware, but why won't the connection remain active? Do I have to perform that update or is that definitely a system update because it's not obvious from the Japanese text. I'm on 3.2J and don't want to upgrade.

    I'm speculating there's something else you have to do to let it permanently use the wired connection?

    Any help appreciated.

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    im 99.99% sure its Terms of Service, and you have to agree to it for it to work if i had a screen shot i could tell you since i can read it xD


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