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Thread: Upgrading Homebrew

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    Upgrading Homebrew

    Hi everyone, if i may have a little of your precious time?
    I have searched and searched for help in updating homebrew but cant find out how (or even if i need) to do this. I have Homebrew already (obviously) but wasnt the person that originally installed it. Is it safe to update with the new Hackmii Installer? If so, what do i need to do? I have a SD card (Sandisk Wii 2gb) with lots of files on it already but dont know if i have to delete anything or add anything? Please help!

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    Try it with a short hello post in the introduction section. you'll be given your first set of useful links.
    even if you have the required sd card it is not recommended to just start over with everything.
    maybe you want to start reading, go for the hacks index (see below) to fill the gaps. after you are somewhat familiar with the terminology
    after that you can start your remodding by checking your wiis firmware (topright corner of systemmenusettings) and grabbing the appropiate guide for that version.
    you would like to end up with a brick protected wii, a nand backup, a good cIOS set for example in slot 249 waninkokos cIOS rev17 base 38, and hermes cIOS v4 in slots 222/223 (both can be installed with installers, run through hbc or by installing a wad file (link below, but get familiar with apps and wads and IOS etc in the first place).
    make a backup of your sd card. but its likely that you don't need that stuff anymore or just add something to the apps folder at a later point.

    good luck for now
    (do the intro post very important)

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