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Thread: PS2 games on wii

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    PS2 games on wii

    does any1 no if u can play PS2 games on your wii through an emulator or neogamma or sumthin

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    i checked this a while ago and the short answer is no the wii aint powerful enough it need to be x10 mor powerful tha the other console and the just aint

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    I think more...

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    It's not as simple as being 10 times more powerful. lol My PC is at least 10 times more powerful that a PS2 and even the best emulators are still not quite up to par IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jayjay1997 View Post
    does any1 no if u can play PS2 games on your wii through an emulator or neogamma or sumthin
    wii is a little more powerful then the ps2 but not enough to emulate it

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    Look at it this way..... The wii has problems emulating the psx. Has problems with the frames per second. If we cant emulate the psx that great than the ps2 is a no brainer.
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    Well the question has been answered several times now so I think it's time to close it up.
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    Simple rule of emulation and performance: the more differing the architecture, the greater a performance hit you'll receive. Back in the day, I was able to run my Commodore Amiga A3000T @ full MacIntosh speeds (this was the era of Motorola 68040s, 68060s). Why? Because: 1. Same processor; 2. RTG board on my A3000T.


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