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Thread: Gamecube Backups

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    Question Gamecube Backups

    I have a Gamecube game (Crash Bandicoot) and I was just wondering... what is the best way to create an ISO and play the game as a backup? The game is old and it's getting damaged just a little more each day and I'd like to preserve it the best I can.

    I think I have a homebrew app on my Wii which allows me to dump Wii games via wifi directly to my laptop or desktop. I believe this also works for GC but it's slow.

    What is the best way to load a GC backup? Can I use a USB loader (such as Configurable USB Loader)? Or do I HAVE to burn it to a DVD? Last time I really checked into this, it was not possible to access gamecube mode with homebrew so a USB loader was out of the question.... or something like that.

    I'm sorry if this was answered in an obvious area or if this is just a dumb question. I know how frustrating it can be if you see this question every day or something... (I live at PSP-Hacks and answer newb questions about ISO/CSO files on PSP FW 6.3x every day).

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    You want THIS guide for playing and creating gamecube backups. (I hope)
    Give credit where credit is due. If it helps you, click "thanks" on ANY guide I link.

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