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Thread: usb hard drive game extraction

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    usb hard drive game extraction

    i use maxmillions gui to load games onto my usb hard drive from my pc. the iso files. but how would i go about extracting an iso file in the nfsb formatt from the harddrive to my pc. say i wanna burn it onto disk later on. i see there is a extract button but it doesnt seem to work for me.

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    what is maxmillions gui, and what is nfsb format?

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    on a usb hard drive being used on the wii. to play backups. i use maximillions gui to transfer the .iso files from my pc to my usb hard drive. since the hard drive is formatted by the wii windows cannot access it since its not a valid windows file type. so there for i use maximillions gui to transfer files to the usb hard drive. i want to know of a good working program that i can use to take a file off the hard drive and put it on the pc. since i cant access the files on the pc normally like a standered windows formatted hard drive. i use windows 7 ultimate 64bit.

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    you not here for a long time i think.
    there are several option to accomplish that.
    get wbfs manager v3
    wiibackup manager
    you can use all of those to format your drive to wbfs (on windows), copy games to and from that, clone harddrives etc pp

    good luck man

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    ty. no i havent been here long. ive used this site for all my wii modding. i have hard and soft modded wii first gen system. after my step son updated my system nothing worked. and this site got my system back and running better then ever. thanks again for the info.


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