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Thread: Wii System Update

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    Us Wii System Update

    Hi All: I was trying to play a backup of a game, it is in PAL mode. MY system is in NTSC, it has a Wasabi3 Chip. When I placed the disk in the system it displayed a message saying "wii system update". What do I need to do to play this game burnt withPAL region? Should wasabi be able to do it? Any updates I need?
    Thanks in adavance;

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    DO NOT UPDATE! If you update from a game that is not your region, it will be bricked.

    Google "BrickBlocker" and patch your game with it. This will remove the update and you can play it.

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    or you can do this....

    wasabi upgrade disc 1.4
    upgrade to 1.4
    put in the disc again
    boot it
    look at the program
    block updates import, and domestic

    and there no more problems + no extra work

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    Us Black Screen After Game Is Loading

    First, thanks for all the help but I still can not play this game. I downloaded the upgrade file, burnt it into a dvd, ran it. Everything great! When I place the PAL game in the system it loads in the menu and I can click on it. As soon as I hit start, it goes into a black screen and the remote control lights go to off. The system does not display any errrors. The options when configuring the update were:
    region free: enable
    GC Audio Fix: enable
    Drive Speed: 6x
    update blocker for imports: enable
    update blocker for domestics:enable

    Thnks Again Guys;

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    Us Is Wasab V3 Really Region Free?i

    I have tried to play several games which are in PAL mode. The system recognizes them in the menu. They load fine, without a problem, unles I hit the start option in the game and then everything goes black and unresponsive. I upgraded the chip to the newest firmware (region free option) and still nothing. Should I use something like homebrew channel?

    Thanks In Advance Guys;

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    i would try Gecko OS and if it loads it just means that they arnt supported, it could also be a iso or burn issue but try gecko befor we get into other uneeded details

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    a nice thing where to know what firmware version on Wii is activ

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    wii > settings > top right

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    I have the same problem with Joshjoey.
    I have a wasabi zero setting same as Joshjoey, insert PAL game, Wii recognizes once click start, black screen...
    (previously working ok... issue arise after I changed to a bigger 29' tv)

    any solution to this? Gecko boots ok

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