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Thread: PSGroove patched with 3.42 Update

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    PSGroove patched with 3.42 Update

    PS3 Jailbreak PSGroove patched with 3.42 Update

    Sep 07, 2010 1451 hrs IST
    Mandatory update for the game console fixes jailbreak possibilities

    Sony has released new firmware for PlayStation 3 game console stating it is a "minor" mandatory update. Yes, this new PS3 update 3.42 patches all possibility of jailbreaking the game console. Since Sony has temporarily nixed any jailbreak possible with this new update, it is obvious that the PS3 hacking community is busy searching workarounds to by-pass the update.

    Earlier this month, PS3 hacking community members released PSGroove jailbreak source code to jailbreak into the game console. As expected, Sony's PlayStation 3 developers have released a patch in form of firmware 3.42 update to close the exploit that executes the jailbreak. Eric Lempel, Director for Hardware Marketing shelled out no detail in the blog post at official PlayStation Blog but only stated that it includes additional security features.

    Sony had used similar words when it removed installing other OS support from the previous generation PlayStation 3. And now, PlayStation 3 hacking community joked around by introducing PSGroove jailbreak for PS3 executed via iPhone, Android phone, and even TI Calculator.

    Do remember that if you play games over a hacked/jailbroken PlayStation 3, you might end up being banned from PlayStation Network.

    source: Techtree News Staff

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    That sucks. But didnt the developers of the PS3 Jailbreaker mention they will make updates so that it will be funtionable?
    Also, I noticed that on your Suggested Modchip websites, some do not sell some other System Modchips. Was wondering if modchipcentral is a reliable site to purchase Modchips from?
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