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Thread: I'm having trouble uploading ISO to my HD

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    I'm having trouble uploading ISO to my HD

    Hi everyone I'm having trouble uploading ISO to my HD. I always used WBFS Manager 3.0 but it started to freeze on multi game uploads. So I did a single and it did the same thing. So i tried using this apps (ncWBFSTool_v1.0, Wii Backup Manager033, Wii Game Manager They did the same thing or process the ISO but not adding it to the HD. I use USB Loader GX and Configurable USB Loader for my ISO. My HD is a WBFS format.

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    I have 4GB flash drive and format it with WBFS Manager 3.0 and the same ISO that wouldn't upload. Uploaded to the flash drive with no problem. WHY?

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    It seems pretty obvious to me that there is a problem with the hard drive. Could be a physicall bad sector due to overheating or overrunning, could be a problem with formatting pc loading in some sort of conflict with games installed through a loader and/or corrupted configuration file, a buggy revision of a loader once used or currently being used., or simply a bad .iso installed and leaving some sort of a footprint on either the drive or the sd card used in configurating.
    I would try to backup(salvage) what I could, but discard the contents of the harddrive and try to start over again adding content slowly enough to try to observe any deviation in ability to install and/or play any of the files.
    If none of that data adds up, perhaps look into installing a program to check for bad sectors and physical damage to the disk like hdd regenerator.
    You may also want to try other formats like fat32 and ntfs as more loaders are able to support it and it more stable and easier to work with in a windows environment.
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    @ oddgriffin: Thanks I tried copying the games to another HD and it cool now. But quick question: What HD do you recommend (name) and (portable or a/c powered)?

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