Developer: Damon88
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PSP Html Book Maker lets you convert plain text copied from PDf files or any other source into a much more organized Html format allowing you to comfortably read it on your PSP. What separates it from other similar apps (very few but nevertheless) is that PSP HTML Book Maker has a very interactive interface and it automates things as far as possible. Even a Novice user can create a book in seconds. Try it out for yourself.


* Works with any PSP, no need for any Custom Firmware.
* Creates a Book like interface with a Complete Index Page, along with Navigation Bars to easily jump between pages and change themes on the go.
* Track your progress and continue from last chapter by bookmarking.
* Theme Support to make Html books look even more great
* Easily create your own Themes with Theme Manager
* A Bookmark Manager to save you from typing on Psp's not so fast typing pad.
* Sync your books on PSP with just one Click.
* Simple and Sleek interface
* Since this Html book opens in a Browser Tab, you can even listen to your Favorite Radio Station using PSP's online Radio

System Requirements:

* Operating System Supported : Windows XP, Vista, Seven
* Dot Net Framework 2.0 or above, (Only xp users need to install Dot Net if they dont have it, Vista and upwards have .net 2.0 pre installed)

Source- psp-hacks