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Thread: NAND Backup made on two identical 3.4U Wii's - Have both nand.bin but lost 1 keys.bin

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    NAND Backup made on two identical 3.4U Wii's - Have both nand.bin but lost 1 keys.bin

    I have somewhat of a unique situation. I softmodded two LU34 Wii's following Dogeggs' guide. Both Wii's originally were running 3.4U and were safely updated to 4.1U (using Dogeggs' guide), and have BootMii installed on boot2. I made NAND backups on both at the very beginning of my softmod as detailed in the guide (while still on 3.4U).

    While I have the NAND.bin file for both, I seem to be missing the keys.bin file for one of them. So I'm wondering what my best course of action is in replacing that missing file - should I use bootMii to re-dump my NAND/keys.bin? If I did so, would I be able to use the newly dumped keys.bin with my original 3.4U NAND dump if I needed to do a restore? Or would the information contained in the new keys.bin file be different because of the softmod/update to 4.1U?

    Alternatively, since both systems seemed to be in an identical state when they were both softmodded, can I just use the keys.bin file I have on the other Wii with the NAND from the other? Or would this not be a good idea?

    I guess it would help to know exactly what information is stored in the keys.bin file - I tried searching the forums and Google, but couldn't really find an answer.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    They are not interchangeable, you'd have to create a new NAND backup and the accompanying, matching keys.

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    only thing that might help is Betwiin - WiiBrew

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