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Thread: Metroid: Other M - very dark image

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    Metroid: Other M - very dark image


    This is my first post on here so bare with me.

    I installed the latest version of USB loader GX and Hermes v4 today as I couldn't get metroid to work on a DL DVD.

    Metroid works and so does every other game on the drive except that Metroid is so dark it's unplayable. All other games I have tested work fine and are very bright. I was playing on iso222

    Has anyone come across this problem? It seems really strange and i have searched high and low and can't find any answers!


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    Guide is here. Read it and make sure you've followed it first. Then, and only then, after you've verified you've followed it --- post questions within it.

    Also while you're at it, please post a quick hello note in the Introductions section of the site, as we ask of new users. You'll get a personalized greeting and excellent starter links to aid you in making your way around the site.


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