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Thread: modmii is it safe to downgrade? is the brick protectection good?

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    Smile modmii is it safe to downgrade? is the brick protectection good?

    i am kind of a newbie. and i just barley got modmii but i am running firmware v4.3 i cant get ahold of lego indi or super smash bros brawl. but just messing around and checking out the program i found that it has a down grader so it could use bannerbomb or maybe even twilight hack that way. i read on a site somwhere that it is dangerous to downgrade but this program says it has a brick protection. i don't make a whole lot of money and want to make sure that anything i do is at least 90% safe. has anyone tried to down grade using modmii? is it safe?

    any reply would be greatly wppricated.

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    do you still have the homebrewchannel? modmii won't even run without it. if you are on 4.3 without the hbc. there is no way around the
    Softmod 4.3 Wiis Guide and using one of the gameexploits.
    you can't downgrade without the hbc.

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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    no my wii is a virgin!

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    Obviously you are aware of the requirements to do this softmod, what is the point of this post? A downgrade would be possible only after following mauifrog's 4.3 guide. Wishful thinking won't make it so. Banner bomb, yeah sure... why don't you go try that and let us know how it goes (b/c it doesn't work on 4.3 anymore).

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