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Thread: Friend gave me his Softmod Wii, and it doesnt play anything... please help

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    Friend gave me his Softmod Wii, and it doesnt play anything... please help

    So my friend softmodded his wii. No disc games play. He also had some hacked games on it but then he did something to it before he gave it to me and now those dont play either. He went to Germany for a year for school and now I am sitting here with his unusable Wii. Could someone please help me along with fixing this thing. Thanks!

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    good one
    maybe you say hello in the introduction section
    you ll be given a lot of useful links.
    just to fill the gap, have a read on the ultimate index (link below)

    first things would be something like:
    find out whats going on there.
    you see the homebrewchannel?
    any other channels that don't look like nintendo (besides, news, weather, mii, photo and discchannel etc.) ?

    good luck for now

    edit: if the homebrewchannel (hbc) is there
    do this
    How to post a syscheck: Instructions here

    also you got a set of discs with the wii or a harddrive with games on it ?
    also check the systemmenu version (settings -> top-right corner)
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    Sounds like he done an update. Go into Wii Settings and check the version number. It will be located in the top right hand corner of the screen in settings. It will say something like 4.3U, 4.2E. Once you find that out you can then follow one of the guides in my signature. 3.1-4.2 use the Softmod Any Wii guide. If it's 4.3 then use the 4.3 Softmod guide.

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    So when the Wii starts it goes to BootMii and I checked the firmware and it is on Version 3.3U.

    He left me with a gamecube controller, ssbm, and a usb drive.

    Will his gamesaves be at jeopardy with anything I do?

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    If it goes to bootmii, that should mean an SD card is in the slot; remove it, otherwise bootmii will continue to autoboot. A format of the Wii will lose the game saves, but there's no reason to format this Wii. Also, a 3.3 unit certainly hasn't been softmodded in the wiihacks way. Check what others have suggested after SD card removal.

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    So what guide do I follow and from where do I follow since I am updating it from 3.3u, or does it need to be rehacked. I know absolutely nothing about this. In all honesty I wish he gave me it unhacked and I could just follow these instructions from the start as it is lol and done it on my own.

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    See posts #2 and #3, please (this after seeing if SD card removal now allows for the Wii to boot).

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    So i went through and did these things. I am now on 4.1 and i did the Priiloader and blocked updates, but i still can't do anything. When I put in the wiisports disc I cant play it it just sits on a black screen. It is so frustrating.

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    now follow the 4.1 softmod quide to the letter, if that dont work then problem will be the drive.

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    UGH lol that is what I did. Ok so how can I just unhack this thing. I would like to just bring it back to how it should be rather than work around whatever crap he did and start it over. Thanks!

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