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Thread: WiiKey Problems

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    Exclamation WiiKey Problems

    Hey i got few important questions:
    1. I havent use wii for long time. I need to update my Wiikey but i dont know if i have WiiKey 1 or WiiKey2. How to check it?

    2. I bought original Super Smash Bros Brawl, but its not working why?

    3. Can i update console by Wii Ware? With no brick?

    4. Can i return to frabric settings and start playing on original soft and games?

    Waiting for ur answers, im really in hurry
    BTW. Sorry for my english i used translator.

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    You have to download both chips updates and burn each of them on separate DVDs and try which one will work. Otherwise open your Wii and check what you have.


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