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Thread: Autoboot Wiikey Fusion from Recovery Menu via SD card

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    Autoboot Wiikey Fusion from Recovery Menu via SD card

    Hello everyone.

    I have a 003 bricked Korean Wii. From the other thread it was said that you still can play some game via Recovery Menu if your modchip support autoboot and/or set your game backup image to autoboot with BootMe. Can anyone with with Wiikey Fusion try, if this autobooting is working with the modchip?

    I have contacted Wiikey support and s/he said that it was possible if you only have one image in SD card. But s/he seems to be unsure. Anyone can verify this?

    Thanks before.

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    So, did you tried? Did it worked?

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    Agree, try first, as most support wont brick their Wiis so you can get your answer.

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    I haven't buy the modchip, yet. I'd rather ask in this forum first, just to make sure
    that I don't spend money unnecessarily. And as far as i know, you don't need a
    bricked Wii to enter recovery menu. But thanks anyway.


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