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Thread: Update the Shopping Channel to v20 [Guide]

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    Update the Shopping Channel to v20 [Guide]

    We want to thank KRANK for the amazing work he did on the original guide
    But all good things have to come to an end
    This Version of the Guide is now closed

    The New and Improved Guide is Located below:

    Update Shopping Channel to V20
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    Wow, Krank you're fast.

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    Not sure about IOS5662. Mine worked with IOS56 (ver 5661)

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    Okay, I just read that it needed that version. I did not test with an older revision, just installed the new one and then the new shop channel and it worked so I left it alone. I will make a note.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Well, at least, version 54xx (don't remeber the exact numer) doesn't work and gives error #002. It took me some time before I figured out that dop-mii was not giving me the latest version.

    So, everyone who gets error #002: make sure you have v5662 or v5661.
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    Krank you rock! I will have to install this later due to the fact that kickoff is NOW, but THANK YOU!!

    edit: OK I couldn't wait to see if you are that good. Just installed.............yes you are that good! Thank you again!
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    New system update-shopping channel

    Hello to all experts from a newbie!

    I have just bought a new black Wii. I am connected to internet, but when I try to install the browser through Shop Channel, it asks me to update the system. I haven't installed anythig yet as I intend to softmode my Wii. Please let me know if it is safe to install the latest system update and it will not stop me from softmoding in the future.

    Thanks in advance.

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    This thread is for updating the shop channel not the wii.
    Do not update.
    check what system menu you are on and use the appropriate guide.

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    just updated and it works spot on,to say i have no experiance at all with this it was very easy using the guide.thankyou much appreciated

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    Thanks for this much appreciated can home to found that the shopping channel didnt work all sorted now thanks again even though dont use it always like all things working well

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