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Thread: Homebrew Browser repositories.

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    Homebrew Browser repositories.

    Hello there,

    So I've attempted to look up this problem I'm having with no large results.
    When I try to change the repository I'm using on HBB, I reload and it gets stuck on "Parsing Homebrew List." I've tried waiting, reloading, reinstalling HBB, etc. I have tried to concede with a just answer, but approach with no results. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Many views and no answers yet I see. Doesn't at least one of you have the capability to answer this simple question? Also, I forgot to mention that both the CodeMii and HBC Themes repositories work completely fine. The 3 others are getting stuck at parsing, though.

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    Since I'm not getting any answers, I've looked around a bit more. I tried formatting the SD card, and reinstalling the Homebrew Browser, and that didn't work. I've tried looking elsewhere with no answers. So I'm assuming you're either not answering because you don't want to, or that none of you can answer.

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    I do not know the answer to your question. You could start of by introducing yourself in the say hello forum though. I see that you have 3 posts and they are all here. Read the rules and be patient. We all want the answer right now when we are stuck. The people on this site usually can find a solution for you but they may have missed your post. They may have just not cared for the fact that you bumped you thread with what came across to me as attitude. Good luck.

    I found this:
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