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Thread: Stuck at Priiloader "Black screen at startup" system menu hack

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    Stuck at Priiloader "Black screen at startup" system menu hack

    I used Mauifrog's 4.3 guide. (I've used this guide at least 20 times)

    I completed the wad install.
    Went back into the HBC.
    Installed Priiloader.
    Ran priiloader by holding the reset button from the HBC.

    System menu hacks that I enabled:

    Block online, disk updates
    No Delete HAXX JODI etc...
    Black screen on startup

    I saved the settings, and exited to the system menu.

    When I hit the "exit to system menu" button, the Wii froze with a half white, and half green screen.

    I held down the power button to reset it.

    Now I just get the black screen and I cant get into priiloader by holding the reset button.

    Does anybody know how to get into priiloader so that I fix this issue?

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    Moved to a more appropriate location.
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    I figured it out. I have done this so many times that I was getting cocky and trying new things.

    If this happens to you, just hold down the reset button when you power on the Wii.

    This will take you into the Priiloader program.

    Then just disable the "black screen at startup" hack, and save the settings.

    Should work then.

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    As the OP has solved his own problem (virtue of 20/20 vision or oversight... don't play with something if you're unaware of the result is the moral here , thread closed --- glad you got it sorted.


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