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Thread: Game-breaking locked door glitch found in Metroid: Other M

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    Game-breaking locked door glitch found in Metroid: Other M

    Many players are apparently experiencing a glitch where they canít progress through Metroid: Other M due to a locked red door.
    The bug appears in Sector 3. After you defeat a boss and take the elevator down, you will run into an area where you must use your grapple beam on three hooks to go over a large gap. Afterwards, you are supposed to enter the door to the north. However, some players are finding that the door remains permanently close.
    There are currently no solutions to fix this game-breaking glitch other than to start the game over with a new save file.
    Source:Game-breaking locked door glitch found in Metroid: Other M - National Video Game News |

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    ouch - its like arc rise fantasia w/o a rev20 fix...

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    That's harsh. Nothing worse than moving along in a game only to have to start all over because of a glitch. I guess I got lucky because I was able to finish the game with no problems.
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    Never experienced this glitch myself, and im really happy i didnt

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    Reminds me of back in 1987. My friend had came down to visit me from virginia and we were partying and having fun. Another frien had let us borrow some games and Metroid (nes of coarse) was one of them. We had never seen or heard of this game before but it looked pretty cool. We were going around finding stuff and killing enemies and could not figure out how to open the red doors lol. It was probably a week or so later that I tried the game again and stumbled onto the fact that you could shoot missles at it to open it (DUH). Back in those days you couldn't just get on the web and find out or ask someone, and noone including the guy that lent us the game knew anything about it. I remember being so happy I figured it out that I called my friend up. It was so aggravating at the time since we spent all night trying to figure it out, but never did.
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