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Thread: Ugrading from 3.2u to 4.1

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    Ugrading from 3.2u to 4.1


    I have Wii with 3.2u firmware and homebrew channel and bootmii installed on it(the first step for softmod). I want to upgrade it to FW 4.1. I'm unable to find any good guides for it? Can someone point me to it?
    I found this guide here,
    [not our guide, we don't care. no offense, but we don't.]

    but link for one required file for patched IOS60 is not working so can't use it . Please help guys? is there any guides on this board here?
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    Here's a good place to start

    Step 4 - Updating

    SoftMod Essentials:- CFG USB Loader FAT32 --- Wii Game Manager

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    Guess you didn't use search or look elsewhere on the site?

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