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Thread: Wiikey2 yellow sticker - Red Led, Drive dosent spin

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    Unhappy Wiikey2 yellow sticker - Red Led, Drive dosent spin

    Hello, I received some yellow sticker Wiikey2's and tried installing them last night. The wiikey lights up a Red led and the dvd-rom does not spin up. If I take off the power to the wiikey the cd spins up and works.

    I used the 6 wire installation guide. (Should I go ahead and try nine, even though I have the yellow sticker?).

    I had some troubles soldering to 'G' and ended up using the leg rather than the pad. Is this a problem? (Also confirmed there is no bridge to any surrounding legs).

    I will try and post a picture in a few, just don't have a camera with me ATM.

    *Edit* Also what leds should be on for success? Just the blue?
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    Here is the image:

    After this didnt work I tried trimming the wires to be much shorter. Still only received a red led.

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    please show a picture of the shorter wire install, take a clear photo turn macro on.
    the install you did in that picture = fail If it worked it'd be fluke !
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    lol, your wires are waaaay too long. Also, the B pad on the chip looks like it has a huge glob of solder...

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    I redid it from scratch. Now it works fine
    Thanks for the help.

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