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Thread: Impossible un-brick ?!?!?!?

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    Exclamation Impossible un-brick ?!?!?!?

    Ok Soo Here Is The Problom
    I Have A 3.4U Wii
    Bricked By A Wii Theme So Bannerbrick
    I Have No Boot 2 And Priiloader Got Deleted When i Downgraded
    Any Help ?
    I Think A Nand Formatter Might Help ? I Do Have A Backup Nand So Maybe ?
    PLEASE HELP MEH !!!!!!

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    First, tell me how you downgraded and from what system menu. Most people don't downgrade to 3.4.

    You'll need a retail game with 4.0-4.2 on the disk. This info can be found here-

    You need a gc-controller and do savemiifrii. Put the game in the wii and it will update your wii fixing your issue.

    If you downgraded from 4.2 and left stub-ios60-v6400 installed, updating to 4.0/4.1 will brick your wii forever. If you downgraded from 4.3 and left stub ios60 and stub ios70 installed, upgrading to 4.0/4.1/4.2 will brick your wii forever.
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