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Thread: Help getting triiforce to work!

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    Help getting triiforce to work!

    Hi all, so after spending a couple of days trying to get triiforce to work and load the 278 games i've put on the usb-nand im still failing. Below in the quotes are the steps that I took to install my current ios:

    a) In the Homebrew Channel load cIOS38-rev19 Installer.

    b) Choose IOS36 and press A and then choose what base to install. There are a few choices you can use. Using Base 38 is the default normal way and will let you play all games properly. The choice i will be telling you to make is IOS 37 as a base as it helps with USB and problematic games (for example Monster Hunter Tri and Guitar Hero 5 etc).

    c) Ok so select IOS37 v3869 Press A.

    d) Choose Network Install (requires wi-fi) and press A.

    After a few minutes it will show it has installed correctly.

    Notes: When you install the cIOS as base 37, you will lose the option to use wad manager as this requires IOS 38 as the base. You can either just re-install cIOS 249 as base 38 so you can use wad manager and change it back when you need to play any problematic game or you can literally and this is the obvious and most simple way to still use Wad Manager...
    I never seem to have issues using WAD MANAGER 1.7 but did notice them with 1.5 and wads would just not install. Do I need to downgrade cios somehow? If so which should I go for? I use configurable usb loader, wad manager, coverflow and hopefully triiforce soon!

    Triiforce loads but does not detect games, it only detects 5 undescript items when I click load all games and it takes a long time to do nothing.

    Sorry if im dumb but any help would be appreciated!

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    Ask in the relevant thread, there's no legitimate point to create YAT (Yet Another Thread), as it's unnecessary clutter. Thank you.


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