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Thread: help error dvd disc error 1179

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    Us help error dvd disc error 1179

    i installed cios latest 249 rev17. neo gamma r8 beta 5,6 or 8 not sure
    ok my wii is older verion 4 years old
    i am runnning system menu 4.1u im softmodded
    i use imgburn i used x1 once for mario party and worked rest of the games are x2 and worked
    when i first modded it all games worked except for legend of zelda twilight princess got error 1419
    now after i shut down wii neo gamma says dvd disc error 1179 for all games
    neo gamma works sometimes and not others

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    try deleteing and reinstalling neo gamma?

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    Clean the lens and use verbatim or taiyo yuden dvd-r or swap to usb loading


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