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Thread: Improving N64 Emulator Performance

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    Improving N64 Emulator Performance

    So after 12 years, my copy of Banjo Kazooie stopped working, and since I don't have a 360, I turned to getting a rom of it to play on the Wii. I figured Wii64 was the best emulator for this so I got that too. Unfortunately, the game has many issues running. Many of the textures don't show up right, the sound often messes up, and the game freezes randomly and I have to reset. I've tried two other games and the same stuff happens. I've been running the roms from my SD card, and I was wondering if it was better to run from USB or disc. (Or other possible options?) I've tried messing around with other settings but I can't seem to improve the game's performance. Any help?

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    It is about as good as it gets. We have a game store down the street that sells old 64 consoles and game cartidges as well for very cheap. Most of us can get those if needed or order them on ebay. Info on the emulator can be found at wiibrew. So before it becomes an issue, let's not discuss the downloading of roms here, it is the same thing as downloading a new wii release and we don't want to or need to know about it.
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    your best bet is to wait till some1 can inject it and work


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